Monica Viti, what is “dementia of the body levy”: symptoms of the mysterious disease – ​​Monica Vitti at the age of 90 last February, her last 20 years at home, left us off the scene due to an illness that is no longer a mystery: her husband Roberto Rosso, in an interview with Corriere Walter Veltroni shed light on “senile dementia” Levi’s body. It was written for a long time and it was said that Monica Vitti had Alzheimer’s disease and that’s why she gave up the stage and every public event and retired to a private life: now, the one who has been by her side for 49 years, has unbuttoned his immense and very deep love for Monica, but also on the dark side of a mysterious disease. How does this manifest and what alarm bells are there (Photo: Kikapress/Shutterstock – Music: ‘Again’ from
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