Radiators, this summer omission emptying your wallet: We all forget it

Radiators: Even if they are not being used, it is advisable to take all necessary precautions to avoid waste and to avoid exorbitant bills.

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Electricity bills keep rising, so it’s important to watch out for waste and do all the necessary tricks to save.

Champions of winter, radiators should never fall into oblivion, so it is important to take all necessary precautions to avoid unpleasant surprises in the bill and not to suffer unpleasant consequences by simply trying to turn them on again with the onset of winter.

There is a perverse omission in summer: we all forget and take risks Very high bills. Let’s not forget to make a certain gesture that allows you to keep the radiators in perfect condition until they are turned on at the onset of winter.

Radiators: watch out for thermostatic valves

The thermal fuse They have the function of controlling the flow of water from the coolant. By adjusting the valves, the heat is divided into different rooms of the building.

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Once the desired temperature is reached, the valve closes, and if the temperature drops, the valve opens again.

If we are absent, it is possible to set the radiators to a minimum and then increase the temperature and reduce waste. By adjusting the thermostatic valves, the gas consumption can be reduced and the electric bill saved.

To ensure that the radiators are well maintained, the thermostatic valves should be left open.

It is never recommended to set the thermostatic valves to zero: stagnant water inside the radiator can cause the formation of limestone deposits The coolant is damaged.

Lime deposits inside the radiator will stress the heating system, increasing energy consumption and bill costs.

The radiators are turned off after they are turned off

If you cover the radiators with a piece of cloth, the thermostatic valve is not working properly. After turning on the radiators, they may turn off.

It is possible to intervene by installing radiator valves for Heads with remote probe. To order the installation of thermostatic valves, a specialist technician can be contacted who plans to intervene.

The technician can ask us for the floor plan of the building, measurements of heat dissipation points and structural data for the apartment or house.

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The intervention of a specialized heating engineer does not require the implementation of construction work: the valves are installed in a few hours. This intervention includes recovery Within ten years of 50% The amount of expenses incurred.

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