Regionals of Andalusia, the absolute majority of Popolari in the polls. Ciudadanos disappears, collapse left. Vox does not hack

L ‘Andalus I choose plural. according todirector From Gad 3 for Spanish public television tf, The Partido popular He will rule in peace in the region of southern Spain as it seems absolute majority To form a centre-right that says it must get between 3 and 6 seats more than the 55 needed to get a majority of seats in the class. The Socialist Party From Pedro Sanchez Which, compared to the 33 seats controlled so far, would lose from 3 to 7. And there was no exploitation by the far-right party Fox Which is improving by no means, winning 1 to 3 seats compared to 12 in the last season, but without making a huge leap forward.

If the count confirms the poll numbers, then after those regional, Popolari will get enough seats to rule again, but this time alone, without the need to repeat the alliance with the liberals. Ciudadanos from the last legislature. The latter, according to a polling day, veto e They even lost all 21 . seats Which they withstood so far, and remained outside the regional parliament. A clear defeat for the parties of the left of the Socialist Party: the Alliance Port Andalus (Supplemented by, among others, b Podemos And the Izquierda Unida) will only get 4-5 seats, while Adelant Andalusia The number will not exceed 3. In the last legislative session, the left forces united in a coalition won 17 seats.

Another opinion poll published by the conservative newspaper La RazonInstead, the People’s Party is allocated between 48 and 52 seats (less than an absolute majority), while the Socialists instead get between 31 and 33 seats for Vox. Similar when you publish a digital newspaper poll Spanishwhich allocates 47-50 seats to the People’s Party, 17-20 seats to Vox and 26-29 seats to the Socialist Workers’ Party.

“Sentiments are good. I see a victory for the Popular Party possible, but the rest will depend on many circumstances,” is the first comment of the outgoing conservative populist candidate. Guanma Moreno.

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