Swollen and sore legs in summer may be just a memory thanks to these easy and inexpensive natural remedies

Besides the heat, it’s not just beautiful days and trips to the sea. In fact, the health consequences of rising temperatures can be diverse. Unfortunately, leg diseases are among the most common. We may notice, for example, swelling in the ankles and a special feeling of heaviness. Pain and tingling are also part of the symptoms of heat.

Heat slows blood circulation. This is because it tends to dilate the blood vessels and thus increase the work of the veins in carrying blood. Thus, the pressure in the veins increases when standing, causing fatigue. Swollen and sore legs in summer will no longer be a problem with simple precautions.

movement and hydration

At first we try not to sit still for long hours, whether standing or sitting. Let’s get up from the desk and walk. If we have to stay in the car for several hours, we try to stop frequently. Even in the case of air travel, we try to move a little, in the case of very long flights. When we sit we avoid holding our leg for too long. This is because the pressure exerted may make blood circulation more difficult.

Let’s constantly hydrate ourselves, drink plenty of water, and limit salt use as much as possible. This is to avoid fluid retention and thus overburdening the legs. In addition, we are careful not to get a lot of sunlight on the legs, which causes them to overheat. We try to wet it constantly and avoid covering it with a towel, as it will have the opposite effect.

Swollen and sore legs in summer may be just a memory thanks to these easy and inexpensive natural remedies

Another great method is the method of compresses. In particular, green tea, which is very easy to prepare. Just put some leaves in boiling water and leave it overnight. The next morning the liquid will be filtered and inside we will dip some gauze. Let’s squeeze it carefully and apply it to sore legs. If the swelling is specific to the ankles, then we can also do vinegar compresses. Pour 50 ml of vinegar into 500 ml of water and soak gauze, as in a tea roll. Apply it on the ankles and leave it for at least 15 minutes.

Finally, injections will be our best friend in the event of swollen legs. In particular, those with hazelnut leaves, which can be purchased at the herbal store. This infusion is specific to the circulatory system and can be consumed lukewarm. For those who have frequent problems due to heat, it is recommended to drink one glass in the morning and one in the evening. A tablespoon of leaves is enough, leave to soak for at least 15 minutes and then filter.

However, we keep the symptoms under control. This is to avoid problems being more serious than just a slight rise in temperature, and if we consult our doctor.

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