The adorable Vanessa Incotrada on Instagram in the yellow outfit. After the dress 1750 euros

Vanessa Incontrada She allows herself to spend a beach holiday and posts on Instagram a selfie in a swimsuit that enhances her total beauty, having already charmed at the Gigi D’Alessio party where she went on stage in a black silk Dolce & Gabbana dress with red poppies, as usual from the brand , from 1750 euros. But let’s go in order.

Vanessa Incontrada leaves you breathless in yellow

Fortunately, the photo of Vanessa Incontrada in a bikini, which ended up on the cover of a well-known gossip magazine, accused of body defamation, is already a distant memory. The actress, who knows what she deserves as a woman, takes revenge on her Instagram profile sharing a snapshot of it He photographed her in full costume. Simply wonderful. Vanessa reveals her color choice for this summer: yellow. Indeed, this year’s swimwear requires a bikini and one-piece in bright, sunny colors. Michelle Hunziker knows something about a two-piece rainbow that has made many of her followers dream.

The same thing happened with Incontrada. Vanessa standing on the boat with very simple yellow costumeWith thin straps and a neckline deep enough to enhance the bust. Fully illuminated by the sun, she smiles happily with her lost look on the horizon, while the perfect tan is almost rejuvenated. And she doesn’t even need any special makeup, if not a strand of mascara that emphasizes the magnetic look, while the freckles, which have always been a hallmark of her natural beauty, sparkle and turn brown due to the tan. .

She writes to caption: “My color is for summer.” Followers applaud. “You really have the sun inside you, you are radiant.” “A wonderful woman… her existence is like you….” And again: “My favorite color is you… Your smile is enough and the world is colorful…”. “You look beautiful with any color..because you have ☀️ inside!!!”. Beautiful and adorable are the adjectives her fans most use to describe her. Indeed, Vanessa Incontrada is shining.

Vanessa Incontrada, the little black dress by Dolce & Gabbana

On the other hand, he also showed great style at Gigi D’Alessio’s concert, which was broadcast on Rai 1 on June 17, marking his 30-year career. Vanessa appeared on stage in a gorgeous little black dress by Dolce & Gabbana, and she testified about it too.

The actress and presenter chose an exquisite classic of the Italian brand for the gala evening: a black silk dress with voluminous red poppy flowers, wide belts, a heart-shaped collar, ideal for enhancing her chest. Then the fitting model emphasized Vanessa’s shapes for a very seductive effect that left everyone breathless. the cost of their appearance? 1750 EUR.

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