The Chosen One, incident on Netflix in Mexico: two actors died –

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Raymundo Garduno and Paco Mufote died in an accident. Many of my colleagues would like to open an investigation to shed light on the working conditions

Tragedy. Thus ended the set of what was to be the new Netflix series, “The Chosen One”, which was discontinued after the deaths of two actors who lost their lives in a car accident. According to local media reports, Raymundo Garduno Cruz and Juan Francisco Gonzalez Aguilar (better known as Paco Mufote) were on board a truck that overturned in a deserted area, where the group was set up. In addition to the actors, six more people were injured. Friends of the actors, according to reports from “The Daily Best,” immediately accused the production of the series, based on the “American Jesus” cartoon by Mark Millar, claiming that cast members had already, on several occasions, complained about transportation and poor logistics.

working conditions

Filming for the series began in April. Liliana Conlisk Gallegos, Mufote’s longtime friend in the film industry, asked for an investigation to be opened to shed light on the working conditions of the actors and production members: “It pains me to think that he had to work in poor quality conditions.” However, a spokesperson for the production company should have already determined that the incident did not happen on set and that Netflix’s thoughts are aimed at the families of the victims. Redrum, the series’ production company, immediately halted filming pending some light on what happened.

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