These injections not only cleanse the liver, but also reduce cholesterol

These injections which I will be listing soon are truly a cure-all as they purify the liver and detoxify the body. Herbal tea is the perfect solution for summer as it not only increases water supply but also quenches thirst and is full of important beneficial properties. There are different types and among them are those that cleanse the liver, and actually reduce cholesterol.

By cleaning the walls of the liver, they also eliminate those toxins left in the stores. And there’s a lot on the menu like nitrates and nitrates in cured meats and sausages. These substances remain for some time in our metabolism, causing great harm in terms of well-being.

This syringe is really special

Aloe vera gel is the best way to get rid of toxins and is ideal for the summer period. If we have an aloe vera plant at home, we can cut a leaf to extract the juice. Then the substance is mixed with a little water and lemon. The only limitation of the lotion is that the gel must be consumed immediately or else it risks oxidation.

Mint is an aromatic plant with a strong detoxifying ability in addition to its fresh taste suitable for summer climate. All infusions containing mint not only purify the liver, but also lower cholesterol by eliminating toxins. To maximize the benefits, the fresh leaves should be used for grinding in a blender and then drunk with lemon or any other substance.

Another aromatic plant with excellent detoxifying ability is rosemary. Unfortunately, its taste is very strong and does not fit injections well. However, if we first boil a sprig of rosemary and then reduce the flavor by adding fresh fruit juice, we can get amazing results.

To lower cholesterol, spirulina powder also comes to our aid. The natural supplement is high in antioxidants, proteins, and substances that help purify the metabolism. It stimulates it in such a way that it gets rid of not only the toxic substances present in our body but also the fatty deposits that cause ‘grease’.

Is the injection better already prepared or do it yourself?

The syringes that we find in the supermarket are already divided into categories and ready to use. Products are effective but not as effective as those made from fresh produce. However, if we cannot find raw materials, we can rely on industrial materials. An alternative between the two forms is herbs sold individually in herbalist stores.

By seeking advice from a therapist, we can create targeted and specific injections for our problems on your own. We can combine medicinal plants with others that perhaps mitigate a strong or too sour taste to balance out the original and specially formulated recipe. In this way we can find the right compromise between fresh and industrial products. We can buy them in bulk so that we always have a spare ready to use for any occasion. The herbs are usually sold dried.

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