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Brindisi, the attorney general’s indictment of the Oscar-winning director who was a guest at the Ostuni Film Festival. The girl got off at the airport. Him: I’m innocent

The Oscar-winner was to be one of the protagonists of the “Allora Festival”, the Ostuni International Film Festival scheduled from Tuesday to Sunday. But since yesterday morning, Canadian director and screenwriter Paul Haggis has been under house arrest in a Puglian hotel, “highly suspected – as the Brindisi prosecutor says – of aggravated sexual violence and serious personal injury” against a 30-year-old English woman, The man allegedly raped her for three days at a bed and breakfast in the area. Haggis, who in 2006 won the statuette with the movie “Crash-physical contact”, along with Matt Dillon and Sandra Bullock, was already in Puglia for some time in the light of Kermes.

The disputed facts date back to the beginning of the week, between Sunday and Wednesday. alleged victimwho had known him for a while, would have joined him since then SalentoWhere he was with some friends. He would have spent with him three days during which he would have suffered, according to the prosecutor.”Frequent sexual assaultsReports of “disapproval”, the prosecution confirms.

Last Wednesday, Haggis had escorted the woman to the front To the airport Papola Casale di Brindisi, and left it there «at the first dawn, though Unstable physical and psychological conditionsThe judges, having also left a love letter in the room, indicate on the basis of a preliminary reconstruction that investigations are continuing. At the airport, the 30-year-old is “in good condition.” confused», noticed by some employees of Aeroporti di Puglia and the Border Police who first loaned it Care and accompanied her in it fingerprint and then To the hospital Perino de Brindisi where the “Pink Protocol” for victims of violence has been activated. At that point, the woman formalized the complaint in a long time tale I mentioned, through excerpts, in the arrest warrant notifying the director.

In the same ruling, the public prosecutor requests the application of the measure precautionary After the validation session, the date of which has not yet been set, as well as an evidentiary incident to crystallize the woman’s statements. While waiting to give his version of the facts at an interrogation to be set in the next few days, Haggis at police headquarters, with the help of attorney Michele LaForgia, said only a few words, and asked to “do it.” Investigations As soon as possible because he declares himself completely innocentHis family immediately left America to join him.

Indeed, in the past, the director had to defend himself the allegations similar. A civil lawsuit is still pending in the United States after a complaint from former press official Haley Priest. Since 2018 othersand four women They said they were victims of harassment and sexual assault. Now the prosecution is in Italy, which could also cost him his pre-trial detention. At the Ostuni Film Festival, Haggis’ mission was among other things to interview Famous Hollywood faces arrive in Boleyn. Organizers confirmed reconsideringAnd cancel any participation by the director.

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