Treasure is working on a much needed game to celebrate its 30th anniversary –

Historic Japan National Team treasure carrying out 30 years Only today, as stated in a tweet from the official account of the company, and for the occasion it was announced Working on a much needed gamefor which we are waiting for an announcement or an offer.

“On June 19, 2022, Treasure Co. Ltd celebrates its 30th anniversary!” Read the Japanese tweet below. “This year, on our 30th anniversary, we are working hard to be able to Announcing the title Much in demand. We look forward to revealing it and counting on your support.”

It’s hard to say what that could be: A reference to the demand from the audience could be related to a sequel to one of the team’s most famous titles. Remember that Treasure, founded in 1992, has completed many very famous games, especially in this field Action and shooting.

They started in a big way with Gunstar Heroes in 1993 on Sega Mega Drive, and they quickly became a cult team, with fans all over the world. Among the games we remember most, Alien Soldier, still in action at Mega Drive and Guardian Heroes in Sega Saturn, as well as Radiant Silvergun, Sin and Punishment, Ikaruga And recently two Gaist Crusher and Gaist Crusher God on the Nintendo 3DS.

At this point, we’re really curious to see which new game is coming from Treasure, considering they haven’t released any new games since 2014.

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