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Landini, “Choosing to Increase Military Spending Is Crazy, It Must Be Stopped”

“I find it unacceptable that this war has led to the option of increasing spending on weapons, especially nuclear weapons. It is insanity, we must stop it because it means that we are saying with our own hands that we can also question the very existence of humanity on Earth,” the Secretary-General stated. To the General Center for the New Generation, Maurizio Landini, speaking Saturday on the sidelines of the demonstration on emergency work, he added, “I think it is very necessary today to send a message that this war is over and this war is over. Negotiations and negotiations must begin ”, assures the unionist. “Because I’m taking the risk that, after months of the war going on and not stopping, there is a danger of it spreading.” Landini notes that “without peace we see war who pays for it and what causes it.” So, it’s not just about being for peace, it’s against war and against the logic of war. in any way it happens.”

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