World Swimming Championships, Minisini and Ruggiero, win gold in mixed synchronized duos

For the blue couple, success is contingent on the preliminary rounds. “Such a big stage didn’t frighten us, on the contrary it gassed us,” says Giorgio and Lucrezia.

From our correspondent Stefano Arcobelli

Five years later, Italy is still in Budapest, simultaneous swimming victories in the World Cup. He still does so with the mixed technical duo and earned 89.26.85 (Japan silver 86.5939, Chinese bronze 86.44.25), with 27,3,000 executed, 27,1,000 art impressions and 34.8685 items. Still the advantage of the decisive role of the male character, Giorgio Menesini, who triumphed in 2017 with Manila Flamini, with whom he subsequently triumphed over other world and European silverware. And this time he has triumphed with Lucrezia Ruggiero, partner for three years, since the retirement of the former Italy captain. An announced success, facilitated by the absence of the Russian spouses (Ukraine is also absent, it does not have the male component). Success is subject to liquidation, when the blue duo of Aurelia scored 88.5734 points. Twelve pairs: the three colors were distinguished by quality, diversity, harmony and understanding (even if the two did not make a pair in life).

Playing sports

Giuseppe Verdi’s requiem notes and choreography by Anastasia Ermakova refer to movements and developments in the water. “Waiting for the World Cup has been nerve-wracking,” Lucrezia says. “So being here is very important, it goes beyond the score and the progression in the race. Finally I was moved to think that we finally made it and that I was able to prove it to myself, even before others. Having achieved All this with Giorgio, who is a special friend and a great hero, makes me even happier. With the youth team I used to swim in a team, and now I’m two with the full unlimited group, it was a unique sensation that I enjoyed moment by moment.”


Giorgio was the first Italian concurrent man: he opened a path as did the American Bill May. Now there are about a dozen concurrency and are competing in the Italian championships. Waiting to enter the Olympics, Giorgio is proud of creating this new type of athlete. “It was definitely beautiful and liberating – the comments of the world champion in Budapest 2017 – like taking off a bandage that’s been there for three years. Now we’re more convinced of what we can do and we know how to react in the race, because we’ve competed so far. Only for the launchers. Such a big stage It did not frighten us, on the contrary, it astounded us, and therefore I cannot wait to correct all those indications given by the technicians.”


Minisini and Ruggiero have been training together for three years. Giorgio is at the 4th World Championships and won two gold, three silver and two bronze medals in Kazan 2015, Budapest 2017, Gwangju 2019 and Budapest 2022. Lucrezia was making her ‘Adult World’ debut after three years as a junior. The team (2016/2019) that won the bronze medal in the European Championship 2017. Their friendship and sharing of events are their strength and make the difference. Giorgio and Lucrezia have been training together since September 2019 but have not been able to compete for a long time, first due to the pandemic and then to the Covid that has stopped them. Now this technician has been rebooted with other music, another theme, and a lot of awareness.

Bronze from 10

And soon after, it also reached its 10th blue medal in history (first was bronze at Solo in Rome 2009, Monza Beatriz Adelezi Championships): first in the world for a combined Libero blue, bronze with 92, 0333 points (executed 28,000, artistic impression 36.9333, items 28.1000) behind Ukraine (95.0333) and Japan (93.5667). The heroes who left Greece under the podium (88.2000) are Dominiziana Cavana, Marta Iacucci, Linda Cerruti, Marta Moro, Costanza di Camilo, Enrica Piccoli, Costanza Ferro, Federica Sala, Gemma Galli and Francesca Zunino.

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