Alien Isolation team talks about the new game –

Creative Assemblyaka Alien Isolation author, spoke to Edge Magazine aboutScience Fiction FPS who works on it. This is a new project associated with a new IP address.

Studio Director Gareth Edmondson and Creative Director Alistair Hope have shared some details regarding this new as yet unnamed project. Since 2018, the team behind Alien Isolation has been working on this science fiction FPS game. According to Hope, the game boasts great gameplay.”Attention to detail and originalityAnd he pledges to “understand the source material.” Unfortunately, we don’t know what this source material is.

“It’s our new IP, it’s a world we’re creating and obviously we’re working hard and really want everything to be perfect,” adds Rob Bartholomew, Product Manager. Bartholomew also talks about originality, without specifying exactly what kind of game we’re talking about.

Alien: Solitude

Edge points out that based on what the developers have said, this new project is unlike anything Creative Assembli has done in the past. We also remember that Creative Assembly is famous for it Total War seriesIt is a real time strategy game. Sci-fi FPS isn’t really the leading genre, but Alien Isolation has shown that Creative Assembly has a lot to say in this regard.

We also know from a commercial that this game may be based on Unreal Engine 5.

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