Allergic to sand? Who is affected and how is it

Allergic to sand? Who infects and how: details of this very particular disease, which can limit many species in summer.

When we talk about summer, we mainly think Sun, heat, sea and sand; There are many people who, to spend relaxing moments with friends and relatives, decide to go daily to the beach or to the famous seaside resorts.

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But maybe few know that there is also a certain type of file Allergies that include discomfort caused by sand; Here’s what it is and who can influence this skin discomfort.

Allergic to sand? Who is affected and how is it

There are two different ways in which what is commonly referred to as “sand allergy” can occur; It is contagious and annoying, obviously due to various factors.

As reported by, there are many discomforts for the skin of an infectious nature in contact with sand; The most popular is surely Impetigo, caused by streptococcus (or staph) bacteria. Which can arise if there are already open wounds.

For those with very sensitive skin, salt and sand can lead to irritation or inflammation, manifested by red spots and itching. So, if you are swimming in the sea, it is always good Bathing with fresh water To remove salt residue and not just from the skin, and maybe it will work if possible Use a mild detergent and change outfit.

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All this is also useful for avoiding dermatitis called “swimmer”, caused by infection with the cercaria parasite; to avoid it It is good not to leave the baby at the beach for a long timeAlso, avoid beaches frequented by birds.

When it comes to children on the beach, you need more care and attention; Don’t forget to apply the creambecause it will be better (as Mammastobene site advises) than Leave the nails shortThis is to avoid the nesting of germs. In the event of serious and persistent skin problems, it is necessary to consult an expert dermatologist, who will be able to analyze your particular case.

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