Another console restock coming from GameStop. Details here

The PlayStation 5 also returns this week, after last week’s double drop, to be available on the GameStop website. This time, there will be no classic Standard Edition, but rather PS5 Digital Edition is back.

You will have the opportunity to purchase the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition bundle with accessories and PSN Credits Wednesday starting at 16:00 as soon as landing is available.

As has already happened in previous weeks, the PlayStation 5 drop will be present during the GameStop TV live stream which you can follow live on the site at this address.


The package consists as follows: PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, Second DualSense Controller, Pulse 3D Headset, Charging Dock, 2 Accessories, €50 PSN Gift Card as Credit.

So there was nothing left to do but repeat the appointment with the landing during the GameStop TV live broadcast, on the day Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 22, 2022. As usual, Lorenzo will lead the ring.CubanFazio and VirginiakafkaniaGambatiza.

The live broadcast will start at 16:00, when the landing time will be announced. Stay in touch with us via Telegram and activate the notification to be notified when consoles become available. Alternatively, you can follow the live video directly on the GameStop page at this address.

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Source: GameStop

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