Assembly with nearly a thousand models of the small car Fiat

Some cars are created to fulfill a simple, if basic, need for transportation. Then, almost by chance, they became a patrimony of the collective memory of an entire country. Thus, the people’s car, whose history is preserved above all else in the stories of the businesses encountered on board, the love that blossomed (and completed) within them, and the journeys we will forever carry in our hearts. For the Italians, this role was filled by several small cars of the Fiat brand, from the 500 to the Uno to the Punto. But the one who has definitely stood the test of time best, and has become a phenomenon in the age of social media, is the panda. In forty-two years, about 8 million units were produced and we still hold the number one position in uninterrupted sales. The secret of his success, according to Giorgetto Giugiaro who signed the 1980 “141” lines, lies in the reference given to him by Carlo De Benedetti, during his brief experience as CEO of Fiat: the panda must be an “innovator” of the concept, a rustic container that offers a spacious but simple interior Competitive price and versatility made it the car for everyone and for all occasions: not only for ordinary citizens, women and men of all ages, but also for the example of many companies, which could count on the truck model. Police who preferred an SUV to get into areas remote Alps and the Apennines. This formula has been replicated and updated with the 2003 “169” and with “312” currently on the list. Everyone gathered in Pandino, Cremona, for a special tribute that has been held since 2017. It all began when William learned Jonathan, already passionate about historical cars and an organizer of gatherings, having a town called Bandino, in the Cremona region. Due to the peculiarity of toponyms, the idea of ​​\u200b\u200borganizing an open meeting for all fans of the Fiat minivan was natural. After the success of the first version, Jim was born Congregation “Panda a Pandino”, made up mainly of Pandino citizens, with the aim of organizing the event and raising funds to fund local voluntary associations. Since then, the event has been growing steadily, and despite a two-year hiatus, the 2022 edition has set a record for subscribers. In fact, 939 cars will be on the march, an increase of 35% compared to 2019. From the first “30” to today’s hybrids, passing through the inevitable SUVs and some very special editions, we picked our favorites.

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