Blanco in the hospital, the concert canceled: “I had an accident, but I’m fine”

“Unfortunately I had an accident I had to stay comfortable… (I’m fine now).” Thus begins the post on Instagram with which Blanco announced to his fans that he is bedridden in the hospital.

On the other hand, the short video accompanying the post leaves little to the imagination: a young Calvagesi shows himself straight from a hospital bed. Evidence for the fact that humor as well as health is unaffected by the unexpected are the inevitable funny faces which Blanchetto probably intends to reassure those who are immediately upset by him.

The publication also announces the cancellation of the concert on June 24 in Genoa: “The date will be postponed to another day, I want you a world of good and I love music more than my health so that you don’t know how much I suffer. From not being able to be on stage that day, I hope “Don’t disappoint anyone. I’ll update you on the new date we’ll move it on.”

What exactly happened to him was not disclosed in the post. But on the other hand, Blanco has always been conservative regarding the more private dimension.

Riccardo Fabriconi also announced at the registry office that he would not be able to attend the Radio Deja concert to be held in Parco Sempione, in Milan, from June 25 to 26, an event he was among the guests. The other guest singers immediately sent their best wishes to Brescia via social media, on tour in recent weeks with Mamhood on the Blu Celeste Tour. After the postponed Genoa evening, Paestum awaits him on July 2nd: so the date Blanco is clearly important to get him back in shape again.