Electricity: It costs little to recharge, but in the event of an accident, you are bankrupt

Machines equipped with this new technology have much lower maintenance costs than petrol or diesel cars. Problems arise, however, in the event of a road accident. Repairs are really very expensive. Here it is all in detail!

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50% more cost to repair a damaged car with an electric motor. These are the astonishing findings of research conducted by Insurance and Finance Corporation Unipol! Therefore, in the event of a traffic accident with your electric car, make the sign of the cross in the hope that the cost of repairs will not be prohibitive!

As is known Regular maintenance costs for an electric model are more manageable than machines powered by diesel and gasoline engines. But the situation is changing when it comes to auto electric parts and plug-ins radically. the reason? The higher cost of replacing various parts of an electric model compared to cars with a combustion engine.

In fact, electric cars are no longer as widely available in the market as traditional diesel or petrol cars. For this reason, spare parts are considered more “valuable” – to put it mildly! Hence, its cost is very high. You will need to pay more attention to driving if you have an electric car.

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The cost of repairing an electric car is very expensive – Motori.News

Electric cars: spare parts that jump crazy in the event of an accident!

But is the cost too high just because of the lack of spare parts? of course not! In fact, There is another issue that you should be fully aware of before purchasing an electric model!

We are referring to the fact that not all mechanics are authorized to handle the recently released electric cars. Already repaired these cars It can only be made by mechanics or by workshops specialized in this field. Therefore, saving will also be almost impossible due to this aspect. If the trusted mechanic is not authorized to carry out repairs on the electric car, then it will be difficult, therefore, to get the usual “discount”!

but that is not all. As Unipol’s research in this area has confirmed, insurance policies will also be larger. This is due to the greater difficulty in finding spare parts and, consequently, the higher cost of repairs. Everything is perfectly clear!

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Electric car repair after a real drain accident! – Engines

The electric car market is gradually consolidating its position year after year. However, we have not yet reached the level of obtaining guarantees and savings in the event of a traffic accident! Don’t be alarmed by this, though. mostly Try to be more careful while driving, so as not to get harassed on the roads!

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