“Everything Happened with Rafaela Cara”: revealed by a beloved character

Raffaella Cara was a great figure in the entertainment world and everyone has their own memory: Revelation

During the many years of her career, the TV queen has cultivated many beautiful friendships and wonderful collaborations, everyone has their own tale to tell, some more fun or surprising than others.

The Showgirl during one of her shows (via a screenshot)

Raffaella Cara She has always been loved and respected by her colleagues and her death is a national mourning. A professional who made the history of Italian television and presented special moments to the public and the entertainment world in general. Some more, some less, everyone has a memory associated with the showgirl, and little by little, new characters appear from more and more characters who have had the good fortune to meet on their way.

In a few weeks, a year will pass since the death of the showgirl, and in these 365 days her memory is always vivid thanks to the many initiatives taken, on TV or in Italian cities, to be able to celebrate her endless career.

Raffaella Cara, the memory of Enzo Paolo Torci and Toca Toca

Enzo Paolo Turchi and his wife Carmen Russo Guests of yesterday’s episode, Monday 20 June, from Roberta Capua on Rai Uno and share the memories they bond with them Rafaela Kara. In particular, the Neapolitan dancer said: “It all happened at the time: Rai1 executives arrived and told us ‘What are you doing? It’s a scandal!'”, referring to the first time they danced to Tuca Tuca together. especially, Enzo Paolo Turchi He explained: “We were framed in profile and when I touched my hip, it looked like it was touching other parts of my body”.

At that time, Rai prevented him from remaking Toka Tokka on air, but Alberto Sordi He was attracted by the idea of ​​being able to put it back on TV and they did it together. The Neapolitan dancer recounted for the first time: “Not everyone knows that I worked with them for the first time Raffaella Cara In a Christmas program where she was a fairy. We’ve also worked abroad together, and I’ve always had a great time with her. Only twice I had some trouble because she was jealous, technically”.

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