EXCLUSIVE MN – Gaudenzi: “Milan, first I renew Maldini and Massara. It must be armored Liao. Zaniolo? In Italy there are not many strongmen “

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Former Milan player Gianluca Gaudenzi hit the microphones at MilanNews.it to talk about the Rossoneri news in reference to the market and Milan’s future with the emergence of the Redbird. These are his words:

Gaudenzi, is the priority at the moment to regenerate Maldini-Massara in tandem?

“And it could not be otherwise. They were two of my former teammates and I can say that Paolo and Ricky’s stay in the Rossoneri is the starting point for everything. Together with Stefano Pioli they were the main architects of the Scudetto.”

Maldini is a champion and has proven himself behind the desk as well. But was he convinced that de Massara could be this good?

“He was a talent on the pitch. We had an important year at Pescara, he had an incredible speed in action and thinking. She proved to be a very good person and a very competent person on the inside. With Paolo they complement each other perfectly and when you win the Scudetto the speeches are zero”.

Did you like Stefano Pioli?

“He’s done great things, there’s not much more to add.”

What do you think will be the Rossoneri’s first hits on the market?

First of all, we need to understand the guarantees that Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be able to give and move in that direction. After that, Casey will be deservedly replaced, as in recent years he has built a Salk Dam in the midfield. It won’t be easy.”

Doesn’t it surprise you that you are persistently looking for a central defender despite defense being a strong point last season?

“The tournaments are long, then there are the Champions League and the Coppa Italia. When you want to perform well in any competition, you need a team of high quality and depth.”

Should Liao be shielded?

“From what I can tell, looking from the outside, it proved to be crucial. He has shown he has a number of champions and he knows how to fan the crowd. The fans who, they say, have been Milan’s true weapon at home and abroad.”

Could an incoming shot like Zaniolo be the right one to spark an already hot box even more?

“It has very important qualities. In Italy, at that age, there are not many of the strongest in circulation.”

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