Expensive fuel was not enough, now we also bring fraud to distributors

The cost of living is starting to become really unsustainable for families and many businesses have been forced to close. The economic crisis is progressing to become more and more worrying in European countries. In Italy, expensive fuel was not enough: now scams appear on distributors who are drying up the wallets of many Italians.

Expensive fuel scam – Motori.News

Prices have risen significantly due to increases in the cost of energy, fuel and raw materials. All this led to significant inflation. As if that weren’t enough, in addition to the expensive fuel, we’re saving it now as well. Distributor fraud, As mentioned. Let’s explain ourselves better and find out how to defend against these scams.

Expensive fuel was not enough: even defraud distributors

Among the various increases, increased fuel costs are particularly critical. The Petrol and diesel prices I have passed now 2 euro per liter. To make an already dangerous situation worse Fraud and illegal increases which are still being reported to distributors. What is happening?

It happens that such reports at the petrol pump are increasing day by day.

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Gas station fraud – MotoriNews

With the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and fuel prices rising to more than €2 per liter (although the production fee has been cut to 30 cents per liter), we now need to tackle the problem of gas station fraud. Fraud that, apparently, increases as the file size increases Finance Police You are committed to finding and punishing scammers.

How do smart people do it? Many distributors do not report the cost of fuel applied to the Ministry of Economic Development even though it is a mandatory procedure. Still others engage in illegal business practices.

Expensive petrol
Gas station fraud – MotoriNews

Gas station scams: Helpful tips to defend yourself

How to prevent fraud at gas stations?

Be very careful when filling up your vehicle. Carefully check the column counters that indicate costs and liters of gasoline spent. Make sure the rate matches the price displayed at the entrance.

Be aware that the distributor is obligated to display a label on the column that shows all information regarding the date the most recent checks were performed. If this information is missing or if the date is very old, this does not always indicate fraud. Certainly, when in doubt, it is preferable to choose gasoline pumps with this label regularly.

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