Fans are trying to guess the name of Part 3, here are the hypotheses –

Final Fantasy 7 Remake He will get two strings. The first will be called Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, while Third does not currently have a file official name. However, fans are guessing, and through Reddit, they’ve shared a number of hypotheses about it.

Players assume that Final Fantasy 7’s third edition of the remake saga will also use a subtitle starts with R. Some options are fun, such as Realm Reborn, taken from Final Fantasy 14. Also as part of the MMOJRPG from Square Enix, “Rendwalker”, “Reavensward”, “Readowbringers” and “Rormblood” are presented.

Moving on to something more serious, Final Fantasy 7 Remake fans also suggest “Revengeance” (which stands for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance), “Return of the Soldier”resurrection“The latter probably brings to mind several possible changes to the original game, which we will not mention so as not to spoil.

Will Apocalypse be the title of Final Fantasy 7 Remake part 3?

While the Final Fantasy 7 franchise is (also) in the hands Tetsuya Nomura, it would be reckless to claim to know the name of the third project of a remake saga. The Kingdom Hearts creator is accustomed to very special labels and subtitles. However, the current hypotheses are those indicated. It will probably take years before we find out anything, so we should write down our idea and see if we guessed it.

What are your assumptions?

Finally, we remind you that another chapter of the Final Fantasy 7 saga is coming: we are talking about Crisis Core which will be linked to the new release; How? “Fans will enjoy knowing how to do it.”

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