First images and details of the new Sony gaming headset

Yesterday’s leak revealed three new Sony gaming headsets for PS5, 91 Mobiles now provides us Overview of this new triple speaker Soon in stores.

These are three Sony Inzone H series headphones named Inzone H3, Inzone H7 and Inzone H9All three speakers have 360-degree spatial audio support, the H3 is the cheapest model with a USB Type-C cable and a button to enable noise cancellation or ambient mode, an allow indicator and a wheel to increase or decrease the volume.

The H7 is a mid-range headset and its design looks similar to that of the Inzone H3, but in this case we are talking about a wireless headset that connects via Bluetooth, with the ability to connect via cable to PCs. other consoles. In the end H9 is the premium headphone in the rangeIt is a more expensive model with a different design than the other two.

According to a rumor, the three headsets will be announced during the state of play scheduled for next week. Combined with two optimized PS5 gaming monitors And the new DualSense PRO controller for PlayStation 5.

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