Fitness Passion in Cassano with Path to Borromeo Park – Chronicle

Fitness in parks is becoming increasingly popular. The space for outdoor physical activity, at no cost to the user, in Nasiriyah Park, wanted by the previous administration, has now been added to the planned space for the Borromeo Natural Park.

Therefore, the municipality has started to implement the project associated, however, with the outcome of joining the Declaration of the Lombardy Region providing funds for outdoor recreational sports activities in public parks. Regional advocacy focuses on interventions in inclusive stadiums, accessible nature trails, semi-residential structures for the disabled, and services in the sports field.

In the event of a positive result of the public tender, approximately thirty thousand euros will enter the municipal coffers, to which will be added a little more than two thousand euros provided by the municipality for the creation of a comprehensive sports track along the vast expanse of the Isola Borromeo Natural Park. The fitness area is a proposal that has been in development for some time, very dear to former mayor Roberto Maviglia, and which relates to all the gardens of Cassano.

A project waiting for new blood to continue in the continuity of creating open spaces to invite citizens, from children to adults, to devote themselves to recreational sporting activities.


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