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Gog Contact the initiative Free PC Games Within the summer sale currently underway, on June 20 2022 decided to present a true classic: it is recoverya historical action adventure in a science fiction setting by Paul Cuisset.

You can download Flashback for free at this address on GOG, just have an account for the digital delivery in question, or create one for free.

The game was originally released in 1992 on Amiga and PC and then ported to a large number of platforms, with a story revolving around finding the lost identity of the protagonist Conrad, which then becomes a massive battle for the survival of mankind once upon a time. . It turns out an incredible plot against this.

Flashback, screenshot from the game

The version available on GOG is the version published to celebrate the game’s 25th anniversary, which duplicates the original contents as well as some additional scenes from the Director’s Cut and allows you to see the original graphics or the remastered version.

Flashback is still freely available for the next 70 hours and will be replaced by Another free game to be revealed on June 24. GOG’s summer sales continue in full swing, which has already given many notable titles such as Beautiful Desolation, Shantae, Pirate’s Curse, and others.

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