Flights canceled, airports in shambles: holiday bomb

It would be a complicated summer if we didn’t immediately run for cover: once the pandemic emergency is over, the legacy it left is very heavy in terms of Personal who works in Airports from all over the world. There is a contemporary, almost global problem that sees more travel back than in the pre-Covid era combined with a shortage of specialists at major airports, from Paris to New York via Amsterdam.


As we wrote in, two weeks ago we have already seen hundreds of flights canceled in Europe, especially the UK and the Netherlands, partly due to the dismissal of many workers in the two years of the pandemic and partly to the resignation of himself due to the landing wages. History repeats itself at one of the busiest airports in the world, Paris Charles de Gaulle in Paris. “There are guys who come and do a little work and then leave and lock the door: win as a supermarket cashier in a job with a high level of responsibilityA . said printing Baggage handler at the French airport. To address the problem, management in Amsterdam has “motivated” employees with a bonus of 5.25 euros per hour for those working in the security, hygiene and transport sectors.

What is happening in the United States

In the United State It coincided with events that left tens of thousands of people on the ground because 15,000 flights were canceled and delayed in three days: 2.4 million passengers moved on for the long weekend that celebrated the liberation of African Americans. Amid the various delays and problems, the protests have been vibrant and the state is far from welcoming the expected arrival of tourists in the coming weeks as it should. It was another tough weekend in the skies of America. On the long weekend of celebrations for Father’s Day and UNITA (a new federal holiday in the US) there was chaos in air travel, with more than 15,000 flights canceled or delayed. Hartsfield-Jackson station was one of the hardest hits AtlantaThousands of passengers remained at the airport as Delta Air Lines canceled and modified dozens of flights. Critical points are also found in Charlotte, North Carolina, LaGuardia, and Newark in the New York area, as well as in Reagan, Washington. In addition to the staff shortage, bad weather caused the rest.

Cost problem

If you add to all this the high cost of fuel Also due to the war in Ukraine, I served the perfect storm. The looming strikes multiply in the coming weeks, meanwhile, passengers are booking their vacation destinations, but international airports are minimal: if nothing changes soon, going on vacation will become a nightmare. At the moment, the situation in Italy at least seems to be under control: the Draghi government has provided 800 million euros to cover supplementary funds and the management of all the airports on the peninsula. Vacancies will be filled as soon as possible so as to help restore tourism, which is essential to our country’s coffers.

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