Genoveva and Aurelio, do not allow themselves to be afraid!

Ramon gives a very honest speech in which he attacks all the politicians present at the ceremony and delivers harsh criticism of the government’s incompetence; The next day, all the newspapers talk about what happened and in Acacia they do not talk about anything else; In the meantime, Ramon is still aggressive with everyone, unlike Felipe who is a bit “softening”.

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Azucina is sad after her boyfriend leaves her and Guillermo is cold.

Fabiana is tired of Cervante’s laziness.

Rosina learns that the tenants on the family estate are leaving, leaving her and Ortensia in a sea of ​​debt.

Genoveva talks about Annabelle in front of Valeria, who immediately investigates Aurelio’s past; The latter, tired of Salmeron’s behavior, threatens to take serious measures, but she does not allow herself to be afraid.

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