Heart health: tips for the summer

In the summer, the entire body and the cardiovascular system can be under great stress. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to stay healthy and enjoy the summer season to the fullest without worry.

When the outside temperatures are high, the body must rest in place Heat dissipation mechanisms in excess. In fact, the internal temperature of an organism should always remain around 37 degrees and in summer, the system should remain thermoregulation It works a lot.

First of all, the sweat glands are stimulated resulting in an increase sweat production. Then it comes to create a file vasodilationSo that the blood It reaches the peripheral tissues more easily, to which it transfers heat which in turn releases heat to the surrounding environment.

Finally, the the heat So it is also eliminated by breathing, which is why it decreases appetitemotor activity and secretion of some hormones, in order to slow down Metabolism and internal heat production.

If temperatures remain well above average, the thermoregulation system can fail and thus disturbances such as Cramps, tiredness, fainting, flatulence, difficulty breathing, dehydration, headache, dizziness, tachycardia, palpitations, tingling in the legs.

Heart health: prevention is essential in summer!

Heart health: tips for the summer
heart health In the summer it is especially at risk vasodilationIt also lowers blood pressure and increases heart rate.

Snap is also very dangerous Thermal differences, for example due to air conditioning. For this reason, it is also not recommended to jump in the sea or in the pool after prolonged exposure to the sun: you risk thermal shock.

Also, be careful not to do too much physical activity as a process drying tends to accelerate.
Those with high blood pressure should be extra careful and check the values ​​more frequently than usual.

Other valuable tips are not to have frozen drinks that can cool the blood in the abdomen, to drink a lot during the day, and to avoid exercising in the middle of the day, when it is very hot. All of these tips should be followed by anyone, even those who have not had heart problems because summer puts everyone at risk.

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