Horses, dogs and ponies: the “quadruple medicine” was born in Gaslini, Liguria

Neuropsychiatry Project, Mutual Aid for Children and Animals

(ANSA) – Genoa, June 20 – Called “Quaternary Medicine”, the project presented by Gaslini Children’s Hospital in Genoa, together with the Progetto Islander Onlus Association, aims to “achieve simple and spontaneous tranquility for horses, ponies, donkeys and dogs”.
In the neuropsychiatry ward, courses tailored to the needs of young patients will be offered: children will be able to get acquainted with the pony Arturo, the donkey Salvo and the dog Cesca and take care of it with specialists. “Animals participating in the project have a history of fragility and suffering, and therefore present additional sensitivity in the empathic relationship even with human frailty,” explains Professor Lino Nobili, Director of Neuropsychiatry.
Ri.Abilitiamoci is developed by the Progetto Islander Onlus Association: the encounter and mutual rehabilitation between animals and vulnerable people. “The profound suffering shared by vulnerable people and abused horses is often characterized by the impossibility of expressing and communicating their wants, needs and desires. Re.Abilitiamoci is based on parallel paths of medical assessment and construction of habilitation and rehabilitation pathways in which they are united in the implementation of mutual assistance: the fragile person helps the horse and the horse helps The weak person,” explains Nicole Berlusconi, president of Progetto Islander Onlus.
Animal-assisted interventions represent an innovative approach to support psychosocial rehabilitation and neurodevelopmental disorders, thanks to the stimulation of emotional aspects and motor skills.

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