How big is it compared to previous games? The team explains –

Gotham Knights Coming in a few months, but that doesn’t mean we know everything about the game. For example, we do not know How big is it compared to Batman Arkham Knight And previous games: or rather we did not know. The development team has in fact made it clear that Gotham Knights is the “greatest version of Gotham” ever created.

The information comes from an interview with Game Informer. The Executive Producer Fleur Marti “This is the best version of Gotham that has ever appeared in a video game,” he asserted. According to the manufacturer, the development team places special emphasis on “density and verticality”. He also adds that the setting “has many layers.”

Jeff Elinor, Game Directorconfirms Marty’s words: “I haven’t put one map on top of the other, but Gotham is a lot of space. I tend to spend a lot of Zoom calls on the Batcycle while I’m driving around Gotham. It’s one of the most popular ways. Fast and convenient to get around town. The impression that It gives you a great place.”

Gotham Knights heroes

Simply, you don’t have to worry about a file size of setting. Even the words about density and verticality are reassuring, as they indicate that the Gotham Knights not only focused on the square meters of the map but also on the details of each setting.

To see if the work they did is of quality, we will have to wait for the full version to arrive October 25 On PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. Remember that the PS4 and Xbox One versions have been cancelled.

The developers also recently commented on another detail that players considered important: Batgirl and her obstruction.

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