“Isola dei Famosi” semi-final story

Hilary Blasey welcomes the audience from the studio: Tonight we celebrate the 100th episode of The Island at Mediaset.

Eduardo’s injury

– The first news of the evening is the medical reports that forced Eduardo to leave the reality show. His knee injury during the bonus test during the week marked the end of his experience on the island, one step away from the final. “I saw the real Edward,” explains the castaway, who says with tears in his eyes that he is satisfied with his beautiful journey. Edoardo warmly welcomes fellow adventurers and pauses for a game. First of all, Mercedes, with whom an important feeling arose. “So will you meet in Italy?” Elari asks from the studio, and Eduardo doesn’t doubt the answer. After her, Eduardo Carmen and Nicholas reported his retirement. He reveals to them: “You were the family that I did not have.”

TV result

Nick and Mercedes were nominated. Turn off the TV, the outcast who has to leave the island is Nick who has to go to Playa Sgamadissima. Before arriving at Pamela, he gave the kiss of Judas to Estefania.

Start facing challenges

Tonight, after Nikola has already reached the final, the other outcasts will fight in a series of tests to try to conquer the other places to take over. From the first match, Luca was the winner, the second to reach the final. A partner must be indicated to send to a TV flash. Send Estefania in the nomination. Carmen does not participate in the new audition because she is stifling and therefore goes to TV. He faces Mercedes and Marialaura. The latter wins and is the third finalist. Carmen, Mercedes and Estefania go to the TV flash test: the one with the two biggest votes goes to the final. They are Carmen and Mercedes. Estefania’s elimination ends with Playa Sjamadesima.


Estefania joins Nick and Pamela at Sigamadesima Beach. Ilary opens a quick TV show: the most-voted returns to play and becomes the sixth finalist. Estefania and Pamela have to leave, Nick is in the final.

Try the boss

– The hanging test will determine the leader of the week, who, invulnerable, will be able to send an outcast in the nomination. Luca wins.

The crisis between Laurie and Marco

Marco enters the studio with a bouquet of red roses. “You know how to stand up for yourself,” he explains, adding, “You are fundamental to me,” adding lots of praise for her. He concludes, “I beg your pardon, I know I was wrong and I would like to go back with you.” On the other hand, Laurie, albeit a little bitter, tries to distract, but says, “When one is alone it is more fragile and then it is better to be two,” and Marco accepts her.


– Go to nominations. Each one should name two. Nicolas leaves and chooses Marialaura and Mercedes. Carmen refers to Mercedes and Nick. Nick calls Maria Laura and Mercedes. For Marialaura, the names are Nick and Nicolas. Mercedes vote for Marielora and Carmen. Mercedez is a group filter. Luca appoints Nick. The outcasts will spend their last days in Honduras on Cayo Paloma.

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