I’ve sold more than Bongiorno, not to mention it’s given me 400 million from distance shopping

The King of Telesales spoke about himself in an interview, recalling his career as an established salesman: “I won an Oscar for telesales, and they took me to Madison Square Garden.”

There is definitely one of the Rhodomontese characters in the TV world Roberto da Crema, a mask that became inevitable thanks to the TV engine, which became a genre of TV between the ’80s and ’90s: telemarketing. Baffo, that is his nickname for the distinct aesthetic features obvious, his king was without any condition or reservations, moving in that mixed area inhabited by an animal of faces which became a symbol of those years passing from his name to the name Wanna Brands. in Interview with Corriere della SeraRoberto da Crema spoke about his life today, having decided in recent years to devote six months a year of his life to a passion he has always cultivated, which is fishing.

The talent of the seller is not only domestic recognition, he says, given that in the early 1990s he received an international award for his innate talent in Oscar Telesales. “I went to Madison Square Garden with a friend with whom I fished carp in Ticino – he says – I had to explain the difference between normal and underwater watches, and there were also psychologists in the audience. I did not know an English word. Shoulders sent a video of My sales method, I found near me a glass jug with a goldfish in it. Then I took it under my arm and put a watch in it. After the video I took it out and hit it on the table I shouted “Waterproof” .. Greetings .. I came back to Italy with a check of twenty thousand dollars in my pocket .. That was in 1992 M.

Selling was a family tendency, developed from an early age, when he decided to sell detergent after the basement was flooded: “I was doing 3 x 2”, Tells. Among the exciting successes as the Swatch imitation (Ezio Grigio and Loredana Berti also bought them, and they asked me for the pots […] Sandra Mondini and Raimundo Vianello take eco-friendly leather jackets with a fleece stripe in the middle for Filipinos”) and juicy flops like Beverly Hills watches, Da Crema says what was once pushed so as not to say: “I was selling more than Mike Bongiorno, not to mention they gave me a bundle of 12 telemarketers in a nice package, which was 400 million old lira.”

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