Jennifer Lopez introduces her daughter Amy on stage using the pronoun ‘neutral’ –

At the party in honor of the Los Angeles Dodgers, the pop star introduced her daughter using the neutral pronouns “they/they”.

Jennifer Lopez and my daughter Aimee Maribel Muniz
14 (pictured together, both wearing the full look Roberto Cavalli), obtained froman ex hasband Marc Anthony, they made the story their own way but not just for the song that was performed together. At the ceremony organized in honor of Los Angeles Dodgersthe pop star identified her daughter using the pronoun “they,” which can be translated as she is, and “they,” they, not to identify them. Kind is and her.

“The last time we sang was in a big stadium like this – and I ask them .” Lopez said sing with me as long as they want.” At that point, Emme entered the stage holding a rainbow microphone To sing Christina Perry’s song “A Thousand Years”. The use of an indefinite pronoun like this is common among young people who do not want to be referred to as .male or femaleA choice that divides America.

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