Juve market between Di Maria, Dzeko and Arnautovic

Turin – From the Tuttosport editorial board The Juventus Market Condition with Filippo Cornaccia: “To understand how things stand out ahead MariaIt might be appropriate to ask the lion Messi Who is on vacation in Ibiza Together with the Argentine clan and more, Luis was among the other players on the island Suarez. Perhaps Messi is the best informed and he may have told his compatriot something about the life he is leading Barcelona. Regardless of the jokes, which come to a certain point, Juventus are waiting for a response from Di Maria who is taking everything into consideration with his wife. Because here it is not an economic or ambition issue, but the player has recently had some additional football problems in Paris He is now weighing all the pros and cons regarding the needs of his wife and two daughters. So it is not excluded, for a better understanding of whether Turin would be the right city, the family would come to see the city with their own eyes.” on me Deputy Vlahovic: “We’re talking about DzekoAnd it’s definitely a name to watch. He’s 36, that’s right, but Inzaghi now has many points with Lukaku back and the prospect of Dybala arriving. I have always loved the Bosnian Maximilian cheerful And at Juventus, we’ll see if it kicks off in the next few days. As for the Arnautovic, Let’s talk about a concrete path, there were contacts and appointments. A company and technician estimate. You must find the square with Bologna. But Juventus, before it sinks, evaluates many hypotheses. ”

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