Juventus also appears for Renato Sanchez

Milan, alert: Juve also in the Renato basins
The case of Renato Sanchez. It is normal for Milan to remain in the lead for the Lille midfielder, but after the inclusion of Paris Saint-Germain, the annoying move arrived for Juventus as well. In fact, Le Parisien spoke of another Italian team’s interest in the Portuguese. The Bianconeri could sell Rabiot and focus on ex-Paine Monaco (plus Pogba) for Allegri’s midfield. Maldini and Massara will have to make a decision in the coming days, while Cherubini ponders the insolence.

I got DUARTE from Basaksehir
Leo Duarte will remain in Istanbul: the Brazilian defender who did not find luck with the Rossoneri will be replaced by Basaksehir, the team in which he has been on loan for a year and a half. About two million euros will go to the coffers of Milan.

Scaroni: “Leao is valuable, but Milan can replace players”
“Leao is not transferable? I don’t deal with transfers, I don’t want to make forays on the pitch. Leao is certainly a valuable pawn, but Milan have shown that they know how to make incredible substitutions.” This was stated by Milan president Paolo Scaroni to the microphones of “politics in the ball” in the Greek parliament. “I remember Kajer being injured and Kalulu entering, and later on, we are all very happy to discover a new talent,” he added.

Scaroni: “The future of Ibra? I wish you in the field”
“Ibrahimovic’s future? I hope he stays on the field and I think he wishes that too. I know he’s progressing at an accelerated pace like he’s doing, if he ends up I hope he starts playing again.” This was explained by Milan president Paolo Scaroni to “Politics in the Ball” in the European Parliament. “He has played an essential role and will continue to play it in the spirit of Milan that he has built over the years,” he added.

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