Kondo: “Lukaku-Dybala, Inter put priority. The biggest mistake…”

Speaking on Sky Sports, the journalist spoke about the Inter market

Paulo spoke to Sky Sports’ microphones cond Comment on the possibility of Inter having Romelu in the team Lukaku an Paulo Dybala. “Inter would like both, but the priority is Lukaku. One is indispensable, the other if the remaining money is sufficient, otherwise it is not taken. When he was going to take Lukaku, Inter had 5 strikers in the team“.

“We know that a great club generally needs 4 high-value strikers in the squad. If Dybala arrives they will be 6, then two will have to be sold somehow. We all know one, Alexis Sanchez, who I think is the biggest mistake in his salary level, it is no coincidence that Getting rid of it is very complicated. Then another has to go between Dzeko and Correa. I think if Inter can combine Lukaku, Lautaro and Dybala, the fourth should be Dzeko.”

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