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Prince William, the eldest son of Charles and Diana and husband of Kate Middleton, turns 40 today. So far, his life has been somewhat suspended: but the role of the future king at the court is increasing

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LONDON – IN The golden boy of the monarchy at this point bald middle aged manwhich has not been proven from.

The Prince William running out today 40 years so is A suspended life, perhaps more than his father’s: At least he was the Prince of Wales for most of his life, with all the responsibilities that this entailed, a son lost it.

William has so far had very few chances to make his mark, not least because Until the age of thirty-five, he was working real part-timeHis public obligations have so far outstripped those of the older generation, from the Queen to Charles to Aunt Anna, that the tabloids dubbed him will lazy.

Then came the attempt to launch the Fab Four, The Fantastic Four with wife Kate, brother Harry and new sister-in-law Meghan: A dream team of young royals who work in social work.

But Harry and Meghan were dreaming of California, Megxit arrived, Sussex fled abroad, and the initiative—mostly PR—wrecked miserably.

William’s real success is his familyThe one who cares so much about him and devotes himself to him with both hands: the pictures that depict him in special and happy moments with his wife and children, those smiling and wicked children who stole the platinum jubilee scene.

But the credit must be given above all to Kate, the perfect companion, his perfect shoulder, the one who keeps him on the ground with his feet, and who gives him balance. Because the conflict immediately goes to William’s founding parents, Charles and Diana, their quarrels and the trauma they inflicted on their children.

It’s no coincidence William worked as an air ambulance pilot: He wanted to save his mother and couldn’t, so he set out to save the others. Meanwhile, he has raised a family unlike the one in which he was raised and which he protects so brutally: that from this summer they will move to Windsor, where the young ones will go to school, to donate their childhood as natural as possible. away from the spotlight.

Recently, William’s court role has been growing up: It was he who unleashed a barrage of fire against the unpresentable Uncle Andrea, tainted by the Epstein scandal, and so he approaches his father Carlo, with whom she has always had distant relations. If previously William was Diana’s reincarnation, he is now a continuity with his father.

While the fracture with his younger brother Harry still seems incurable: The two practically do not talk to each other and with little – so to speak – more and more Hollywood star on Megan’s leash, the wound remains purulent. But soon much greater responsibilities will fall on William: inevitably, his father Charles’ access to the throne could not be far off, and he would thus become the Prince of Wales, inheriting among other things the Duchy of Cornwall, a merchant billionaire who needed a great deal of money. Attention. William will then be able to move forward with the three causes he showed the most: environment, homelessness, and mental health.

But always because of the laws of nature, the law of Charles, who will become king in his seventies, is destined to be the inter-throne: and so it will be William’s turn to carry the British monarchy into the future. History awaits him at the gate: on that day he will finally have to prove what he is made of.

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