Low cholesterol? Definitely have breakfast with him

Do you suffer from cholesterol? Start your day with a healthy and delicious breakfast.

The cholesterol It represents a particularly important blood value, and is generally sensitive to the type of diet followed by the subject in question. For this reason, the food selection It becomes extremely important to prevent the latter from rising excessively. Owning large quantities of bad cholesterol In fact, in the blood, this means putting the body at risk of developing cardiovascular disease and the possibility of a heart attack. So what should we eat to control this blood value?

Cholesterol – eat eggs (Pexels)

Over the years, the myth has developed that people with high cholesterol should limit their intake Egg consumption. In particular, the offending and prohibited element will be the yolk, which is rich in proteins, but also in fats and precisely stimulating elements to the formation of Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. In fact, a recent study categorically refuted this thesis, even managing to overturn it. Let’s explore the topic together in the next paragraph.

Do eggs help fight cholesterol? the truth

Few studies have investigated how plasma cholesterol metabolism affects the relationship between egg consumption and cardiovascular disease risk. – Dr. Lang Pan, a member of the Peking University research team, said – “So we wanted to fill that void.”. In essence, the argument that eggs raise cholesterol has been taken for granted, with no real research behind it. Well, it is clear that analysis of the correlation between the two subjects has shown completely different theories and data.

The researchers took a sample 4778 TopicsAnd 3,401 of them had previously had heart disease. The data showed that the consumption of One egg a day Revealed excellent results for health and Strengthening the cardiovascular system. This is thanks to the presence of lipoproteins, in particular A1 core protein Very important to counteract the formation of cholesterol in the vein.

Cholesterol - eggs (pixels)
Cholesterol – eggs (pixels)

Obviously, this does not mean that food is allowed to be abused, it simply means that It can be taken once a day to enjoy its benefits. Moreover, Peking University studies have refuted the myth that eggs should be eaten twice a week at most. A theory that has long been questioned by many researchers, professionals, and experts.

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