Naples-Osimene, De Laurentiis under investigation for false accounting

Aurelio De Laurentiis was registered in the register of suspects with the false accounting hypothesis of the purchase of Victor Osimhen, presented by Napoli in the summer of 2020. About the story of the Nigerian’s transfer from Lille to the Blue Club, they turned in time, were the headlights of the Federal Prosecutor (although the Sports justice recently acquitted Napoli and its president) but now it is up to the Guardia di Finanza to confiscate the paperwork related to the player’s sale (Carnezes and Young also entered into the deal of Manzi, Palmieri and Liguori – whose assessments have been investigated by the Federal Prosecutor). Now, however, the accusation against De Laurentiis and members of the Blue Club’s board of directors is false accounting with the Guardia di Finanza who carried out a series of searches in Castel Volturno, Rome and France.

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