Not only with Tachipirina, but we can reduce very high body temperature with this simple trick

The hot season will not automatically protect us from the flu. It would actually be possible to contract with those even in the summer. We find ourselves with a number of symptoms including fever. This can usually be associated with infectious conditions, but is not exclusively. Of course, the high seasonal temperatures can already be difficult to bear. And if a feverish state is added to these, the discomfort may increase dramatically. Besides being dangerous, of course.

If you have a fever, you may be at risk of taking antipyretic medications, which your doctor prescribes to lower your temperature. However, if we don’t have one right away, we can try another path. Not only with Tachipirina, but we can reduce the high temperature in a very simple way.

possible way

During the summer we may get sick and have a high body temperature. Or, while being exposed to particularly strong sunlight on a wood-burning day, we could get heat stroke. In addition to timely assistance, it will be necessary to lower the temperature. However, at the moment, we may lack suitable medications for this. In this case, we can try to lower the body temperature with a non-drug treatment.

Not only with Tachipirina, but we can reduce very high body temperature with this simple trick

According to Humanitas experts, a non-drug treatment in case of fever can be the use of cold compresses. These, placed on the forehead, may be useful for temporarily relieving even a high fever. It can also be very helpful to place a cold water bag, especially on the back of the neck. This simple trick applied to this part of the head can provide relief from the sensation of heat caused by a fever. This is because it will help dissipate heat. You can then simply soak a washcloth in cold water and place it on the pillow to rest your neck on.

However, head wraps should be avoided in case of chills. We also remember that this simple method will be useful even in reducing a high fever, but only temporarily. In the event of a high and persistent fever, or in the event of a heat stroke, the immediate intervention of a specialist would be absolutely desirable.

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