One of Elon Musk’s sons wants to change his name and gender –

Document filed in Los Angeles County: Xavier Musk wants to be identified as Vivian Jenna Wilson, which makes his mother’s family name have no indication or connection to his father

Xavier Musk He will change the gender and name, after preparing the legal document to complete the process on Friday 24th June, with the papers already submitted to Los Angeles County.

Elon Musk’s 18-year-old son was married to his ex-wife Justin Wilsonthe Canadian author who divorced him in 2008, wants to be identified as a woman under the name Vivian Gina Wilsontook the mother’s name so that it no longer had any reference or connection to the father’s title, in public protest with the founder Teslawith whom he does not seem to have a good relationship.

Everything was outlined in the sheets, not only the desire to change gender and public recognition of the woman, but also the choice to move away from the father, defining separation. “The new name would mean for me not only recognition of my true sexual identity, but also evidence that I no longer wished to be associated with my biological parent, in any way and manner,” says Xavier in the text, since, having come of age under California law, He can make his decision freely without being accountable to others.

These back stories were reported by American gossip site Tmz, despite the fact that in the past no details have emerged whatsoever about the father-son relationship, nor about Xavier’s desire to change gender. The latter is one of the twins, the other is Griffinfrom his Canadian ex-wife, while another son died in 2002 from sedsCot death syndrome. They arrived later Damian, Kai and SaxonBefore Musk accompanied the singer Grimes She has two other children, X AE A-XI And the Exa Dark Sideril.

Elon Musk’s position

The position of the billionaire remains unknown in the whole affair, even if some ideas have leaked into some of the tweets in the past. In July 2020 Musk He expressed his disapproval on Twitter Towards consciences and society’s recognition LGBTQ It can affect language and writing. In December of the same year he went even further by replying to another tweet, roughly Determine your location With the phrase “I fully support transgender people and their community, even if all these pronouns are an aesthetic nightmare.” The entrepreneur did not go beyond these substantive messages, with a true display of his thoughts, not even regarding the position regarding the true intentions of his son.

fear of discrimination

Some time ago also he followed those tweets, especially recently, which have seen Musk try to acquire the majority of Twitter shares, many of them in the community LGBTQ They have expressed their concern. For them, the South African entrepreneur’s control of the platform may be a reason for further discrimination, precisely because in the past he was the father of Tesla He had defined himself as an “absolute of free speech”, with the risk that in the future he might allow even the most extreme positions that conflict with the assertion of so-called non-binary gender identities. This concern is based on the constant presence of online haters who attack members of this community, trying to marginalize them, for fear of exacerbating the situation with Musk. Now, the choice of son Xavier, soon-to-be Vivian Gina Wilson, may be a turning point, if only to make the entrepreneur himself think more about the topic, in general and on social platforms.

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