Our cadres chain is 50 years old and gives us a gift

Designed by Superstudio group Between 1969 and 1972, it was Quaderna Series celebrates 50 years. The products of that collection, an icon of radical design, have become iconic, and to celebrate the half-century anniversary of this project, the Quaderna series is enriched with Three updates: desk, coffee table and rug.

The Quaderna writing desk Consists of rectangular top Supported by two sides form the bridge structure. Aluminum bars strengthen the top, in order to ensure its flatness and stability.

The project is characterized by Pull-out drawerIt is obtained in the thickness of the top and in all its lengths. It is fairly roomy, and can accommodate a laptop and A3 sized papers. Drawer compartment is made of painted wood pattern scratch resistant Black color.

The new creations of the Quaderna series are unique works

Another novelty of 2022 is Quadirna coffee tablemade up of square top Supported by two sides that form a continuous orthogonal bridge structure. The profiles of the front panels with the thickness of the top are painted with one piece of laminate that allows to get the joints only from the edges.

The rug, hand tufted With its high-pile black and white 100% New Zealand wool yarn, it has a velvety effect.

Drawing perfectly reproduces a sketch Unpublished Architectural Diagram With a white background and gray and black stripes depicting Isometric axes measurement from office. The drawing was provided by the Cristiano Torraldo de Francia Archive.

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