Patricia Cavalli, critically acclaimed pop poet, dies

She passed away at the age of 75 Patricia CavalAnna, the poet who has managed to turn her lines into a popular phenomenon without losing critical acclaim. In his books are all the differences in human feelings: love, pain and pleasure. Born in Todi in 1947, Cavalli arrived in Rome in 1968, having passed through Ancona. In the capital knows Elsa Morante And she will tell her that she owes her to become a poet. At the same time he studied in Rome at the University of Philosophy. His first collection of poemsAnd the My poems won’t change the world, specifically from the presence of Elsa Morante, whose opinion he had asked for. They came out for Einaudi in 1974, dedicated to Elsa, as well as other groups.

Love and music became his inspiration. From his immediate but classic language, literary critic Alfonso Berardinelli He said: His vocabulary is mixed and mixed, but his language is always pure. It is immediately clear that the purity of the diction is precisely the purpose for which he is writing. When something is said precisely, the mind is cured of narrowness, of the disease of inaccuracy.”

Translated into English Jeffrey Brooke He said of her, “One of the things I love most about Italian in your poems is the way your language, very contemporary, uses certain traditional techniques and brings them to life.”

Cavalli wrote poetry and filled theaters, giving literature a theatrical dimension. It is no coincidence that the title of one of his poems Always open the stage (1999): “The theater is mine, this theater is mine / I am the audience, I am the foyer / I have this good thing, it’s all mine / So I want, empty / And empty. Full of my lag.” to her Readings in the Rome Auditorium They have attracted thousands of people. Real performances in which he sang and recited poems of his choice, including those of his beloved Emily Dickinson.

Patricia Cavalli’s poetry collections have been published by Einaudi and translated around the world. In the United States of the prestigious Farrar, Straus & Giraux. Among the most recent titles: Deity lazy and lazy a lotAnd the Datura And the Wonderful life.

In 2019, I also tried prose for the first time, and gave it to the press with japanese stepsAnd the Always published by Einaudi, which combines unpublished texts and his ancient writings. I wrote to you: “I was not born to be sane, I was born to love, to be happy …”.

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