PlayStation Plus, Sony withdraw prepaid cards from stores? –

It seems that Sony Spends pulling out The Prepaid cards To subscribe PlayStation Plus, at least from the stores that were still available. In fact, the switch to digital top-ups has already happened for some time to many retailers, including in Italy.

As we know, the new PlayStation Plus will appear on June 23 and everything indicates that the two are connected, that is, the company has taken advantage of the renewal of the service to complete the transition.

As reported by VGC, the cards are still available at chains like Best Buy and Target in the US, while they’ve disappeared from Walmart shelves and Amazon doesn’t seem to sell them anymore.

For the UK, PS Plus prepaid cards are still available at Currys outlets, while they are no longer available from Amazon, Game, Smyths or Argos and the official PlayStation UK website does not allow their purchase.

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