Poste Italiane Raises Coming: All New Rates

Starting next Monday, June 27, Tariff increase It was announced by Poste Italiane through an official note. Increases that will affect global mailing/parcel services and will fall within the limits set by the Communications Authority through Resolution 171/22/Cons of 6 June.

new prices

According to Poste Italiane, prices for mail and parcels will increase from next Monday.

For shipments under 20g, the price is mail 4 retail It will rise by 10 cents, going from 1.10 euros to 1.20 euros. In addition, the costs of all projected weight brackets will also be adjusted upwards. International postage costs will also differ for the first two weight groups, for physical admission and Zone 1, while all other groups must remain unchanged: to be precise, mail weighing up to 20 grams will range from 1.15 to 1.25 euros, while those weighing 50 will increase grams from 2.20 to 3.05 euros.

Changes will be made, in this case with respect to all weight classes, including rates registered parcel (Retail): Shipments of up to 20 grams will increase from €5.40 to €5.60.

Increases are planned, Poste Italiane explains in the memo, also in connection with Registered Judicial Mail. Increases that will affect all weight classes: from 9.50 to 10.55 euros for shipments made to post offices within 20 grams of weight, while those accepted at business centers / integrated services notices will rise from 9.50 at 10.15 euros.

Moreover, from June 27, the national retail acknowledgment rate will also vary (from 0.95 to 1.10 euros): this reduction will have an impact on registered mail services for Italy and, if shipped from a post office, even on insured mail for Italy. Other influences on standard mail delivery and book folding with right of recommendation will also be found.

Changes are also on the horizon for the national business endorsement rate (0.70 to 0.75 cents): the above revision will instead have an effect, Poste Italiane explains, on the registered and insured Pro-Smart Smart, Smart at a special rate, I fold business books and delivery standards Post offices.

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