Resumption of the Battle of the Black Sea –

According to analysts, Putin is playing with time and is aiming for winter, when the effects of the naval blockade and gas challenge will be more difficult and the Western “burnout” will be greater.

The exchange of blows off Crimea is bringing attention back to the Black Sea. On Monday, the Ukrainians struck three offshore gas platformsbetween Crimea, Odessa and Snake Island: The three Boyko towers are named after the Energy Minister who agreed to the purchase in 2011/2012, but the Russians took control after the military annexation of the peninsula in 2014, according to Kyiv, They are now used for military reconnaissance. The attack on the Chernomorneftegaz towers would mark a new Ukrainian attempt – after one four days ago, when it hit the tugboat Vasily Bek with a Harpoon missile – Undermining Russian control of the Black Sea: Assurances did not arrive from Kyiv, but Moscow – in addition to the announcement of the strengthening of the armor in the Crimea, where recently the S-300 anti-aircraft systems arrived – He threatened to retaliate and fired 14 missiles at southern Ukraine within three hourshitting a food depot in Odessa, they say, is also a hangar for Ukrainian aircraft at the Shkolny military airport.

“There are enough air defense systems, and the entire territory is covered,” said the region’s governor, Sergei Aksionov, “including the Crimean bridge.” Built on the Kerch Strait after the Annexation From Putin’s “companion in judo”, the oligarch Arkady Rotenberg, who connects the peninsula with Russia: the Ukrainians threaten to strike him with long-range – but not only – HIMARS missile launchers, which should arrive by the end of the month. also Moscow says the strike on the platforms would have been carried out with similar weapons, Probably American or British missiles, says Duma deputy Viktor Vodolatsky. Rebuilding war zone: Perhaps it was an air strike.

So it is not clear how the attack happened, but the Ukrainians have at their disposal some Neptune anti-ship missiles – the ones with which they drowned Major Moskva on April 14, not far from where the towers were bombed – and in the past they have already made air raids on Snake Island: it is unlikely that more drones will be used , even Turkish Bayraktar planes dropped orders too small to cause serious damage. surely, Kyiv sent a new message to the enemywhich undermines certainty and confirms the intention to restore also the territories that came under the control of the Russian enemy in 2014: it is no coincidence that on Monday it was found intense activity of the Moscow Fleet, six units mobilized and ready to start a sea voyage.

According to analysts, Putin plays time and aims for winterWhen the effects of the naval blockade and the gas challenge are more severe, and Western fatigue is greater. and for this Fighting a deadly war of attrition with artilleryWithout paying and minimizing the risks, hitting civilian and military targets without discrimination. The Kremlin is convinced – wrote analyst Dmitry Alperovich – that it is necessary Increase your bargaining power before you sit at the tableand it is believed that he can conserve voltage through creeping packing.

report from BBC It shows that volunteers – who usually receive 3 to 7 days of training – They can sign a contract with the Russian army, with Rosgvardia in Chechnyawith pro-Russian forces in Lugansk and Donetsk or with Wagner: of the 155 who officially lost their lives in Ukraine, 57% were at least 40 years old and 25% were over 50. Then conflicting hypotheses recover from the United States: Along with what we might call “classic” – Russia is getting tired and will have to stop – those that warn of future moves are making their way. The army may not stop its advance Trying to make the most of the beneficial situation that has been achieved in recent weeks.

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