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There is a very specific reason why Roberto Benigni does not have children. That’s why the actor and director chose this way

knows a lot Roberto Benigni Not only as a great actor but also as a man who shared his life of 30 years with the same woman. With that person who made his heart beat, but he never got it no child. But for that the reason? Roberto Benigni is one of the few who is arguably fully satisfied with his career, managing to transform himself into a multifaceted actor without much effort.

In fact, many see it as a file Code For Italian culture, a man whose talent is known even beyond Italian borders. Not many people realize that our loved ones Roberto He belonged to one of that small circle lucky who got prize during the Oscar party.

At that time, in fact, it was the movie that led him to get first place Life is beautiful. this was Produce Where he not only acted, he brought out how film director. A film that gave him the opportunity to win a large number of awards, including: David de DonatelloAnd the silver ribbons And much more.

This is the reason why Roberto Benigni has no children

Roberto Benigni is a great deficiency in his life

A film that made him known all over the world and pushed him to give more and more. In fact, in 2005, he even received an honor Knight of the Great Cross for merit Italian Republic, a title of fundamental importance to him. We even saw him cross the Ariston stage, not as a singer, but as a guest who tried to share with all viewers some grain that belonged to the culture.

Roberto Benigni shares his life with Nicoletta Brascimarriage lasted about 30 years. Their union was little known, as they were always keen to keep the paparazzi away from their private lives. even wife Roberto Benigni She does an actress job very well. It was precisely this shared passion that brought them together withinNational Academy of Dramatic Art.

In recent years there has been talk of one of them Separation, which did not happen in private life. But only at work. Although there are many Lovers And the close to each otherIn their view, there was no access no child. This is news that has many fans wondering about the reason behind the absence of heirs.

We’ve never seen one on either side Explanation of this choice. The only news we have, as we can read on the web, is rooted in one Advertising Which did the same thing a few years ago Nicoletta. At the time, he claimed to be in a perfect relationship with Roberto as it was.

It was the same one who claimed not to have it mother feeling. Something, most likely, could lead them not to have children.

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