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Put yourself in a place Volodymyr Zelensky: From one day to the next day we find a fileUkraine Russian tanks invaded. Now put yourself in these Fauro Senese And don’t mind all that’s happened so far, folks of the former comedian, in over 100 days of war, don’t hesitate: Resist the enemy, whatever it costs. What do I do? According to Ukrainian logic, in order not to betray his constituents (and not only those), the president has a moral obligation, to ensure that the resisters (for whom the Italian left is fighting) supportersbut okay) they have something on hand to defend themselves, whether they’re regular army or civilian volunteer soldiers.

Fauro attacks Mattarella in the field, and the old woman interrupts the live broadcast to insult him: it is left cut off |  video

The pacifists However, they are sure inside: he must give up, because he must know in his heart that the Ukrainians have no hope of winning. What is unspoken, and which is the crux of the matter for Kiev, is that the Ukrainian government must agree to immediately sit down and ratify the territorial conquests of Russian President Vladimir Putin And he left Moscow with a large part, if not all, of the coast bordering the Black and Azov seas, as well as the entire eastern region.

Vauro’s final scar on Zelensky: Watch the realistic animation here

In the warmth (or who knows. In the coolness of the air-conditioner or fan) in his office, Vauro can also provide the luxury of mocking undigested Zelensky. Very “American”, very pro-NATO, very drawn to the rhetoric of war. And you don’t care if he’s going through the war in Ukraine and he didn’t declare it. Thus, on Happening every dayHere’s a cartoon of the director’s armed pencil Marco TravalhoHe remarried his old friend’s positions Michel Santoro. A child’s version of Zelensky, pressured by his parents to say “mom” and “dad,” instead uttering a single word, anxiously: “armsYears passed – Vauro commented – but he hadn’t learned to say anything else. Who knows, maybe his neighbor in the Kremlin is also to blame.

his criticisms?  Matarella didn't even care.  Vauro with his head down: Cazzola is also being humiliated Video

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