Six sisters death predictions, worker: secret love surfacing

In the upcoming episodes of Six Sisters, there will be an unexpected twist that will shock viewers: all previews

The Spanish TV series that replaced Il Paradiso delle Signore in Rai’s schedule impresses many viewers who, however, this week will witness two episodes that upset the calm of the characters.


in Madrid In the early twenties of the new century, surviving was very complicated, and even more so, if a family of six sisters, all women, were orphaned by the father and had to keep the name Silva. It is undoubtedly a difficult period for the workers and it is precisely about the barbaric murder of Juana factor who will focus on the plot of the upcoming Monday through Friday episodes on Ray Ono.

It all started when Juan The uncle of the six sisters threatened, wear a dress RicardoTo express his plan: sabotage the granddaughters by putting his hands in the factory they inherited. When the man felt the danger he ordered his followers to give him a lesson that ended in the worst possible way with the worker who lost his life. The police investigate the case, but the suspects will end up with an incredible character.

Expectations of six sisters, Blanca and Cristobal have a relationship: secret love comes to the surface

Six sisters advance
Cristobal and Blanca (Twitter)

Blanca And the Cristobal They live the secret love dream, until when Donna Dolores He will not begin to doubt. She will raise her nose when she notices it Cristobal He often visits one of the six sisters, his brother’s fiancée. However, Blanca’s relationship with CristobalAnd the Rodolfowas hacked treasonously with win over. despite Blanca Don’t realize all this, whoever started doubting is really Cristobal Who, meanwhile, is secretly living his dream with his brother’s girlfriend.

In the upcoming episodes, there will also be room for other love Carlitos who lost his mind for Elisa To conquer it, he will try to follow the advice Salvador. However, soon Carlitos You will realize it Elisa He’s taking advantage of his feelings, so he asks for a Sophia to become his girlfriend.

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