Sony will introduce new headphones with 3D sound and gaming screens, says a leaker –

Sony Introducing three new models headphones With 3D sound and two new ones gaming screen Compatible with PS5According to the well-known monk Tom Henderson.

The leak will confirm that the company is preparing to launch new peripherals, including the professional console for PlayStation 5 Details of which appeared a few days ago.

Returning to the headphones, three models will be produced under the new label Inzon From Sony:

  • Inzone H3 – Wired, cheaper and equipped with 360-degree spatial sound.
  • Inzone H7 Wireless, with improved battery life and 360-degree spatial sound.
  • Inzone H9 Wireless, more expensive, with noise canceling technology and 360-degree spatial audio.

The price subordinate Earphone It has not yet been revealed, but at the same time with these products, as mentioned, we will also witness the launch of two gaming monitors, also belonging to the INZONE line and equipped with PlayStation exclusive featuressuch as HDR TOone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode.

Optimized for the PS5, the screens will boast on the one hand 4K resolution with a refresh rate of 144Hz, and on the other hand Full HD resolution with a refresh rate of 240Hz, in both cases with support for VRR technology (HDMI / G-Sync), HDR, low latency (1 gray to gray milliseconds) and some game specific features.

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