Stefano Di Martino, it’s official: Beilin’s photo confirms it all

Belen and Stefano Di Martino together again? Well, it’s confirmed: The web’s most loving couple is back together more united than before.

Belen is back with Stefano –

The dancer and model as well as the beloved anchor and presenter in Italy, in the past few days, have left some More than obvious clues who are they Backfire. The love rediscovered on their social networks caused quite a stir and their stories left no doubt.

Who knows what little Santiago is thinking. We’ve wondered, too, but the answer is thought to be more than obvious. The his little son Beilin and Stefano should be in seventh heaven.

What a beautiful child of his age to see his parents again United in love? The same thing went through the lovers of the couple, whose hearts, supposedly, burst with joy.

Belen and Stefano Di Martino united as before, but what makes us think?

Well, the obvious answer lies precisely in the Instagram stories of the two lovebirds, who apparently did not hesitate to show their followers that they were together at the D’Alessio party and that, on top of that, Stefano was dressed. Wedding ring.

Santiago with dad
Stefano Di Martino and Santiago –

Certain sources confirm that Beilin and Stefano are now back as a married couple in all respects.”we have our own confirmation, in short. Who wouldn’t have expected such good news for months now after the two left clues like breadcrumbs?

Little Santiago with a heart full of joy

As you can see in the pictures where the little boy is photographed with his father, as well as draw clear conclusions, the little boy is full with happiness In seeing the parents the couple finally returned.

Fans are confident that their past memories are now confirmed. who – which The love between them is so strong? This is the answer many have given themselves, while trying to find the slightest detail that could indicate the two are back together.

Cups for one of the most exciting couples in Italy and back on the road. It seems, in fact, that the two are partying in front of their red wine, leaving clues here and there for the more subtle.

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